Today I rewrote app-text/nopaste with Python.
It’s a simple command line interface to
I don’t want to install Ruby just for that small script.
In addition to that Python is a more appropriate language than Ruby. ;)

Simple usage:

hawking@localhost ~/python/nopaste $ ./ -h
nopaste script for
usage : [options]
    -h,--help        You're looking at it
    -l,--language    Set language ( defaults to 'Plain Text')
    -n,--nick        nickname
    -d,--desc        description
    -v,--verbose     verbose mode
    -c,--nocolor     supress coloring of output
    -x               Nopaste from X selection instead of stdin
                     (using xclip or xcut)

You can specify a http proxy by setting the http_proxy environment variable.

hawking@localhost ~/python/nopaste $ export http_proxy=
hawking@localhost ~/python/nopaste $ cat | ./ -l Python -n hawking -d "a nice python script" -v
Verbose mode
Language :   Python
Nick     :   hawking
Description :   a nice python script
Setting headers
Encoding parameters
Sending the request
hawking@localhost ~/python/nopaste $

You can get the script here.