I’ve been dual booting Gentoo/FreeBSD and Gentoo for a while and one problem I’ve faced is a decent filesystem for the operating systems to share. FreeBSD has read-write support for ext2 and read-only support for reiserfs. ext3 is also supported as it’s backwards compatible with ext2.

Well ext3 is a cool filesystem to use but I’ve been experiencing weird problems with it on FreeBSD. So I went on to check for Linux kernel changes today to see if there’s any plan to add UFS2 write support anytime in the future. I was shocked :). There are already patches written and it’s planned to be added in 2.6.21. I quickly got git-sources and tried it. It works like charm so far. I can mount ufs2 partitions r/w on both systems. Many thanks to Evgeniy Dushistov who wrote the patches.

The patches are here: