sydbox-0.1_alpha is released.
This is the initial release of sydbox.

What is sydbox?

Sydbox is a ptrace based sandbox implementation which is based in part upon catbox and strace.
Being ptrace based, it doesn’t suffer from the well known security issues that
LD_PRELOAD based sandbox implementations suffer from.
It has basic support to disallow network connections.

OS/Arch Support

At the moment only supported operating system is Linux and only supported architectures are x86 and x86_64
but adding support for new architectures should be trivial.
If you’re interested in porting please send a mail to me or leave a comment to this post.

tarball: sydbox-0.1_alpha.tar.bz2
sha1sum: e6d40372242951da90973490923c3fc14622c2a4