Sydbox-0.1_beta8 is released.

  • Exit when eldest child exits and add a command line flag –wait-all to wait for
    all children before exiting.
  • Fix /proc/self substitution.
  • Add configuration file variable main.allow_proc_pid and allow /proc/PID
    depending on that variable. This defaults to true because allowing /proc/PID
    is required for some programs to work reliably.
  • Path sandboxing can now be disabled using the configuration file or
    –disable-sandbox-path command line option. Previously this was only possible
    using /dev/sydbox/{on,off} magic commands.
  • Configuration file changes, make sure to merge your configuration file.

tarball: sydbox-0.1_beta8.tar.bz2
sign: sydbox-0.1_beta8.tar.bz2.asc
sha1sum: 09d44475bc2697423f40aab97b9d575ff8ffb346