Here are some new stuff that has been cooking in pinktrace.git:

ARM port

I’ve ported PinkTrace to ARM. Thanks to dagger and arachnist who have given me access to their ARM boxes. If you want to know the technical details of this port, have a look at the file pink-linux-trace-arm.c.

Haskell bindings

I’ve started writing Haskell bindings. This is a work in progress which you can find in the haskell branch.

Sydbox & PinkTrace

Sydbox requires PinkTrace in the next branch. I’ll merge next to master after I’m done with testing, for which you may be of help.


I’ve also written a TODO file and added a link to it from Exherbo’s project-ideas page.

This is all for now!

I’ve started a new university in a different city by the way and don’t have a stable internet connection these days. So if you’re trying to contact me via IRC and I’m not responding, try email.