mpdcron is a cron like daemon for mpd.


  • Uses mpd’s idle mode.
  • Calls hooks depending on the event.
  • Sets special environment variables to pass data to the hooks.
  • Optional support for modules via GModule.


mpdcron uses autotools and the installation procedure is the standard:

sudo make install

Apart from the standard configure options you can pass the options below to change the behaviour of mpdcron:

./configure --help
--enable-gmodule    enable support for C modules (via GModule)
     Build the specified standard modules:
     all              Build all available standard modules
     notification     Build the notification module
     scrobbler        Build the scrobbler module
     stats            Build the stats module


Here’s a list of packages you need to have in your system to build mpdcron:

Some modules have additional requirements:


  • Requires notify-send which comes with libnotify



  • sqlite-3 or newer
  • GIO-2.22 or newer
  • The homescrape script requires ruby and nokogiri. Optionally chronic can be installed to parse dates in a huge variety of date and time formats, for the –since option.


Some distributions have mpdcron packaged so you can install it easily using their package management system:

Distribution Package/Repository
Arch Linux mpdcron-git (aur)
Exherbo media-sound/mpdcron
Ubuntu mpd-trunk (ppa)


Clone git://github.com/alip/mpdcron.git.
Format patches are preferred. Either mail me or poke me on irc.
My personal email address is alip@exherbo.org.
I’m available on IRC as alip on Freenode and OFTC.